What if … you could live for 150 years? Or more?


If you happened to catch 60 Minutes last week, perhaps you watched the segment about extended life studies: “George Church’s lab at Harvard Medical School is working to make humans immune to all viruses, eliminate genetic diseases and reverse the aging process.” 

Today, we read this article (The Limits of Longevity”) at at Time Goes By: What it’s really like to get old. Admittedly, this is a favored website of ours.

It’s just interesting to see so much interest in extending life. For centuries, man has wondered what it would be like to never age. The Greeks and the Romans thought about aging. In school, some of us learned that Ponce de León was seeking the fountain of youth.

The 1985 movie, Cocoon, romanticized “When a group of trespassing seniors swim in a pool containing alien cocoons, they find themselves energized with youthful vigor.”

Here are a few Internet-searched Websites dealing with the subject of extending aging:

More than 102,000,000 google results (0.74 seconds) pop up, when searching “fight aging.” And about 2,050,000,000 results (0.77 seconds) when searching “live longer.”

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