“How could my wife have Alzheimer’s? She was only 56.” – The Boston Globe Magazine

early alz 2

early alzTom Keane and Laurie Farrell in 1984, not long before they married. FROM TOM KEANE”

by Tom Keane

“It’s a Sunday morning and my wife and I are arguing about the previous night’s dinner party.

“”No one would let me talk,’ Laurie says.

“‘What do you mean? Of course they let you talk.’

“‘No. They’re all just talking constantly and I never get a chance to say anything.’

“‘But Laurie, that’s what happens at dinner parties. You’ve got eight people fueled by a lot of alcohol and they all are clamoring for the floor. That’s just the way it is.’

‘I didn’t get to speak. I hated it. Why won’t they let me speak?’

I’m puzzled. Laurie was always the life of any get-together: raucous, loud, leading the room from one topic to the next. What was going on?

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