“Unlikely housemates: How a St. Louis startup matches empty nesters, millennials” – St. Louis Post Dispatch

odd couple housing“Amisha Wankede laughs with Sally Lorino as she prepares lunch for Lorino on Saturday, Jam. 4, 2020. Wankhede and Lorino Live together as a part of the Odd Couples Housing, a startup that matches seniors who have rooms to spare with younger adults, often students, looking for inexpensive housing. Photo by Troy Stolt.”

by Troy Stolt

“WENTZVILLE — When her husband died in a car accident, Karen Krienke, 65, found herself unexpectedly alone. Her home in Wentzville — once crowded with children — felt big and empty. Moreover, a bad back was slowing her down.

“Her daughter worried. “She’s so social,” said Jane Krienke, who lives in Washington, D.C. “I didn’t want her to be by herself.”

“Then, this summer, she found a St. Louis startup that matches older adults who have room to spare with millennials — often graduate students — who need a reasonably priced place to live.

odd couple housing 2

“Odd Couples Housing, which made its first match in late 2018, taps into a market driven by unprecedented growth in the over-65 population, baby boomers who want to remain in their homes but may be cash-strapped or could use help with household chores. So far, the company has made about 20 matches; it hopes to increase that tenfold by the end of this year.”

Continue reading this article at The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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