“CPR, by Default: When very old patients suffer cardiac arrest, doctors usually try to revive them — even if they were already near death.” – The New York Times

older cprJames Steinberg

by Paula Span

“A few months ago, an ambulance brought a woman in her 90s to the emergency department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

“Her metastatic breast cancer had entered its final stages, and she had begun home hospice care. Yet a family member who had discovered her unresponsive that morning had called 911.

“The paramedics determined that she was in cardiac arrest, began cardiopulmonary resuscitation and put a breathing tube down her throat.

“’It’s a common scenario,’ said Dr. Kei Ouchi, an emergency physician and researcher at Brigham and Women’s who reviews such cases. ‘And it’s not going to have a good outcome.’”

Continue reading this article at The New York Times; click here.

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