COVID-19 information for refugee populations

The Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resources is thrilled with the collaborative spirit of the wonderful people of its partner agencies. Dana Thompson, Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council, shared this information which was shared with her.

Leena Anil, Epidemiologist, is the Refugee Health Coordinator, with the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Refugee Resettlement Program shared the links below; she received the links from the Refugee Health Case Coordinator, Alivia Haibach, at the Erie County Department of Health. Isn’t sharing timely, authoritative and relevant messaging important? Isn’t collaboration incredible.

These informational videos — below in Arabic, Nepali, Somali, Spanish, Swahili and Ukrainian —are audio messages informing persons who may not be fluent in English about the COVID-19 threat.

Covid-19 Informational Video in Arabic

Covid-19 Informational Video in Nepali

Covid-19 Informational Video in Somali

Covid-19 Informational Video in Spanish

Covid-19 Informational Video in Swahili

Covid-19 Informational Video in Ukrainian

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