“Netflix’s ‘Crip Camp’ Is For Everyone” – Forbes

crip camp

by Andrew Pulrang

“Nomination for most repeated sentence in an article on disability culture this year:

“‘You need to see Crip Camp!’

“I put off watching the new Netflix documentary, Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution. As a disability rights colleague commented on my Facebook page, ‘Sometimes, when a film is loudly touted as “it’s about disability and you should see it,” it feels like homework.’ I heard nothing but excitement about the film for months leading up to its release, and almost universal praise once it came out. Still, I hesitated.

“I knew a lot about Crip Camp before it even came out. I have been disabled all of my life, and I have been involved in the disability culture and activism for all of my adult life. And Crip Camp has been talked about in the disability community for months.

“Crip Camp follows a group of disabled youth … ”

Read this artice in its entirety at Forbes magazine, click here.

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