“Telehealth claims balloon by over 4,300% in a year” – STAT: Morning Rounds


From STAT: Morning Rounds:

Echoing other reports that have looked at recent trends in telemedicine, a new FAIR Health study finds that insurance claim lines for telehealth increased by more than 4,300% from March 2019 to March this year. Here’s more:

  • Overall trends: 0.17% of medical claim lines in March 2019 were related to telehealth, compared to more than 7.5% this March, an increase by more than 4,300%.
  • Conditions: Consistent with last year, mental health conditions made up the most telemedicine claim lines, followed by acute respiratory infections and diseases.
  • Covid-19’s influence: The influence of the pandemic was most pronounced when looking at geographic trends. Northeastern states in the U.S., which were among the hardest hit, saw a more than 15,500% increase in telehealth use.

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