“Adversity and Resiliency” – Ageist

“Diane Cashin’s life has trained her to be resilient but, after a serious car accident, the author and speaker had to find new depths of spiritual strength”


By Diane Cashin, 58 

“When adversity is your “normal,” growing up in the inner city as a poor child, you don’t even realize you’re experiencing adversity. And, over the course of my young life, adversity became my teacher. I related to it like a pendulum swinging from dark to light: when things were bad, I knew, at some point, things would also be good again. Sometimes that would happen in a moment — going from being hungry to the Salvation Army providing food, or a friend buying heating oil so we could stay warm and take a bath during the cold days of winter. With this knowing, I looked for the learnings and wisdom as gifts during the darkest moments to fight fear, depression and anxiety.

“I Was On to My Second Bucket List!

“What was I to learn as I waited for the light of the good times to reappear?

“This journey of adversity and resiliency would be my life’s boot camp.” Read this article in its entirety at Ageist; click here.


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