“‘The med student daughter is asking so many questions.’ I shouldn’t have needed to do that to help my dad.” – STATNews

Everybody needs an advocate.advocateADOBE

By Orly Nadell Farber

“On the day I was supposed to start my intensive care unit rotation as a fourth-year medical student, I walked into an ICU 3,000 miles away as a visitor.

“My dad, who has been living with cancer since my first year of medical school, was recovering from emergency surgery for an infection. Awake but unable to speak because of a plastic tube in his airway, he grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled, ‘Glad you’re here.’ Unable to find my own voice, I nodded in agreement.

“In the weeks that followed, I was reintroduced to the health care system I thought I already knew. Despite knowing how much compassionate and endless effort doctors, nurses, and other clinicians put into patient care, I was humbled by seeing my father and family struggle to understand the care he needed, and by how much effort it took on our part to ensure he received it.”

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