“Pandemic depression is about to collide with seasonal depression. Make a plan, experts say.” – The Washington Post


by Chelsea Cirruzzo

Lindsey Hornickel, a 25-year-old in Louisville, felt fine at the beginning of the pandemic. Although she has long experienced depression, Hornickel says, her mental state didn’t worsen immediately. In fact, she began overcompensating, taking on more work and pushing worries out of her mind.

“’I kept saying, “It’s fine, it’s fine,”‘ she says. Until, suddenly, it wasn’t. Over the summer, Hornickel’s mental health nosedived.

“’I went through a depressive swing. It was unbearable,’ she says. Eventually, Hornickel told her roommate she wanted to die.

“Since then, Hornickel has been in a partial hospitalization program to treat suicidal ideation, depression and bipolar disorder, and she recognizes that her initial reaction to quarantine was a manic episode. Although she’s doing a lot better, there’s a nagging worry: wintertime.”

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