“Charlotte Japp Gets Older and Younger Professionals to Network Together” – next avenue

This millennial founded CIRKEL so all ages would share their knowledge


by Richard Eisenberg

“Charlotte Japp, the 30-year-old founder of the uplifting CIRKEL community platform for intergenerational networking, drew inspiration for it from what happened to her parents.

“Growing up, I saw both of my parents get aged out of their careers and pretty much get forced to pivot and start their own businesses,” she recalls. “So, for me, it seemed normal that after you hit a certain age, you just worked for yourself in this age bubble, or silo, at home.”

That didn’t seem right to Japp, who was recently named one of the nonprofit Encore.org’s 2020 Gen2Gen Innovation Fellows. Through CIRKEL (the Danish word for circle, since workers need to close the intergenerational loop), Japp is helping older and younger people to network with each other, one generation assisting the other.

Continue reading this interview with Japp, click here.

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