The ABCs of ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) | expanding housing options for persons who are aging and persons with a disability


Nearly always mentioned in conversations about “seniors” and persons with a disability is “housing.” Housing and transportation insecurities. Add to that mix the word “affordable” and the conversations often come to abrupt halts.

One answer to the chronic affordable housing crunch in Service Area 13 counties, may be Accessory Dwelling Units — commonly known as backyard bungalows, garage apartments and so-called granny flats — which are small homes that exist on the same property lot as a single-family residence.

AARP has packaged a 20 page compendium on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) packed with great ideas. AARP writes, “Since ADUs can be created in many different shapes and styles, they’re able to fit discreetly into all sorts of communities, including suburban subdivisions, row-house streets (either with or without backalleys), walkable town or urban neighborhoods — and, of course, large lots and rural regions.”

Click on the graphic above or here to download the guide.  

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