“If you had to pick one healthy habit for 2021, here’s your best choice” – Canadian Broadcasting Company


Numerous studies show that simply walking 30 minutes a day can have powerful health benefits

by Chad Pawson

“If you are thinking about how to get into better shape this new year, why not keep it simple with a proven health intervention that’s easy to do and proven to improve people’s health and extend their lives?

“It’s walking. And before you say “too bad it’s boring” and move on, read on a little more first.

“First of all, let’s get the benefits out of the way.

“Around 30 minutes of walking a day, whether all at one time, or in multiple sessions has been shown through studies to help people lose weight, improve their heart health, increase endurance and improve mental well-being.”

Read this article in its entirety at the CBC, click here.

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