The Veterans Breakfast Club Goes National

veterans breakfast club

This week, the Veterans Breakfast Club (VBC) launched its effort to extend its programs to veterans and non-veterans nationwide. Since 2008, the VBC has served mostly the greater Pittsburgh area with weekly local meetings to unite veterans within the community and share their stories. Following the organization’s success and strategic shift to virtual programming last year, the VBC is scaling up to extend its geographic reach.

“To ensure that the living history of U.S. veterans will never be forgotten, Veterans Breakfast Club (VBC) announced today the national expansion of its nonprofit organization. Founded in 2008, VBC is dedicated to creating communities of listening around veterans and their stories to connect, educate, heal and inspire. Through diverse virtual programming, VBC is cultivating the only community of its kind, bringing together veterans, their families and civilians to share, celebrate and preserve veterans’ stories.”

Continue reading all about the Veterans Breakfast Club’s announcement, click here.

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