“From Evacuation Plans to Insurance Coverage: Emergency Preparedness For Seniors” – MoneyGeek

older adults deaths

by Sara East

“When a weather emergency or natural disaster blows through a city, there’s little time to prepare. While many people are capable of quickly evacuating during an emergency, this is not the case for some seniors. According to the Red Cross, approximately half of all deaths resulting from Hurricane Katrina were among people aged 75 years or older.

“The impact on seniors during an emergency does not end when the crisis ends. After a natural disaster, financial limitations can make it more difficult for seniors living on a fixed income to recover from a natural disaster. For family members, caregivers and seniors themselves, having an emergency preparedness plan in place can keep your loved ones safe and help them maintain financial security.

“The Impact of Weather Emergencies on Seniors by the Numbers

“Seniors are consistently among the hardest hit physically and financially when it comes to natural disasters and other emergencies. A historical look at natural disasters and the percentage of deaths of people ages 60 and older shows that having an emergency evacuation plan for seniors is crucial.”

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