Chicago School – Helps the Berks-Lancaster-Lebanon County Link!

Amazing how the internet can reach so far! We received an email today from a school teacher in Chicago who is teaching her students about social and moral development in society. They were discussing and reviewing online resources and found our page: The students found it to be full of useful information for their classwork, and reached out to our Link to say thank you!

As a part of their assignment, one student in particular, Stewart, found another informative page on the care of seniors with autism:

They thought that you, our visitors, may be interested in this additional great resource and asked that I share it with you, our readers. This will be shared by their teacher with the class so that others are encouraged to find and share additional resources with others on a topic that their community may need to be educated about.

Join me in thanking the students! You can email your words of appreciation to me at In the subject line – mark your email “Thank you Chicago” and I will send them on to the class for reading.

Thank you students of Chicago! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!

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