Webinar: Realizing Employment Success: A Tailored Approach to Serving People with Brain Injuries

Webinar: Realizing Employment Success: A Tailored Approach to Serving People with Brain Injuries Tuesday, April 12 | 3:00 – 4:30 pm ET
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People with brain injuries seek meaningful employment opportunities in their communities. Some transition to work without the need for accommodations or pre-employment services and supports. For others, the pathway to employment presents various challenges due to physical, neurocognitive, and/or emotional changes. Complicating employment pursuits for individuals with brain injury stems in part from the often less visible nature of the disability, as well as the high prevalence of co-occurring behavioral or mental health issues. Such challenges have resulted in the creation of innovative programs and funding opportunities to address the critical supports and services that individuals with brain injuries need to achieve successful employment outcomes.

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS), housed within the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, established a partnership with local community rehabilitation programs (CRP) to strategically serve people with brain injuries. The primary goal of the partnership is to support job seekers with brain injuries to receive tailored services from certified brain injury specialists through its competitive funding opportunities for local CRPs. DVRS works closely with the North Carolina Traumatic Brain Injury Program, which was awarded a five-year federal grant from ACL. 

Please join this DETAC webinar to hear from North Carolina DVRS, as well as a key CRP partner, Community Partnerships Inc., about the milestone-based structure and approach of the Brain Injury Support and Services (BISS) program that aims to connect people with brain injuries to competitive integrated employment through an individualized, self-directed, and holistic approach to services. The National Association of State Head Injury Administrators will open and facilitate the session focused on helping employment service providers recognize opportunities to help people with brain injuries succeed in employment.

Contact AoDEmploymentTA@gmail.com with questions or to request accommodations for the webinar.   Register for the webinar
The ACL-funded Disability Employment Technical Assistance Center provides evidence-based training and technical assistance to the Administration on Disabilities grantees for improving competitive, integrated employment (CIE) and economic outcomes for individuals with disabilities across the nation. Webinars are recorded and posted with supporting materials on the website.

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