Video Library

video libraryClick here or on the above graphic to download the Video Library guide listing all the videos available.

  • Video Library: When your church group, service club or local organization is looking for a program or presentation, you may find the right solution with the The Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resources | Berks-Lancaster-Lebanon Service Area’s VIDEO LIBRARY. We have compiled a number of DVD videos that address a number of topics that are relative to the indentfied populations that are served by the Link to Aging and Disability Resources: persons aged 60 and over; persons with a disability; veterans; family members and caregivers. You may may borrow any of these video DVDs for your organizations use as long as long as there are no charges for admission to the screening. For more information or to arrange to borrow a DVD, contact the Link Coordinator | call or text, 717.380.9714 or email
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