The anatomy of a scam that’s targeting seniors


The Lebanon Daily News carried this article in it’s police log this morning:

“Cornwall police are warning residents about a ‘mystery shopper’ scam that failed to ensnare a borough resident.

“The woman, who was not identified, received a packet of information and instructions containing an authentic-looking Capital One Bank cashier check in the amount of $2,550. The instructions directed the resident to cash the check, complete the mystery shopper duties at a local Wal-mart by purchasing up to $70 in merchandise and then wiring remaining funds totaling $2,230 to another mystery shopper, police said.

“The resident recognized the mailing as a scam and contacted police. Had she cashed the check and wire transferred the funds, she would have been victimized when the bank determined the check to be fraudulent, police said.”

Yesterday, someone gave us these documents that the person received in the mail on Wednesday; these are the elements of a SCAM.


this is a scam - the evelope

this is a scam 1-athis is a scam letter page one


If you get one of these letters, or if you know someone who has, take the envelope and its contents to your local police department or to your local post office. This is mail fraud.


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