“Geriatric ERs Reduce Stress, Medical Risks For Elderly Patients” – Kaiser Health News

geriatric- er - Kaiser“Elsie Castellanos, 77, gets checked by the ER doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York on May 24, 2016. She came in to the geriatric emergency room with abdomen pain.” –  (Heidi de Marco/KHN)

by Anna Gorman & photos by Heidi de Marco | Kaiser Health News

“NEW YORK — The Mount Sinai Hospital emergency room looks and sounds like hundreds of others across the country: Doctors rush through packed hallways; machines beep incessantly; paramedics wheel stretchers in as patients moan in pain.

“‘It’s like a war zone,’ said physician assistant Emmy Cassagnol. ‘When it gets packed, it’s overwhelming. Our sickest patients are often our geriatric patients, and they get lost in the shuffle.’

“But just on the other side of the wall is another, smaller emergency room designed specifically for those elderly patients.

“Patients like Hattie Hill, who is 105 years old and still living at home. A caregiver brought her in one rainy day in late spring because she had a leg infection that wasn’t responding to antibiotics. Hill, who also has arthritis and a history of strokes, said she prefers the emergency room for seniors because she gets more attention.”

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Disability Employment Outreach Day | Learn about civil service employment opportunities | October 21 | Harrisburg

In recognition of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission is proud to partner once again with the Governor’s Cabinet for People with Disabilities and the Office of Administration to provide our fourth annual “Disability Employment Outreach Day” to guide individuals with disabilities in their search for Commonwealth employment.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend on Friday, October 21, 2016, at the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Headquarters, 1601 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Join us for employment presentations at 9:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.  The same information will be offered at each session, so please choose the one that best suits your schedule.   

disability employment outreach day

This is an informational event only.  No interviews or hiring will take place.  Attendees will learn about the Civil Service application, testing, and hiring processes, and other available accommodations and services.  Recruitment specialists will also be available following each presentation to give personalized assistance to individuals who are interested in learning more about specific employment opportunities for which they may qualify.  Individuals who would like this service should bring an up-to-date resume.  Representatives from the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) will also be on site.  OVR’s mission is to help Pennsylvanians with disabilities find and maintain employment.

All individuals with disabilities are welcome to participate.  Please contact the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission at (717) 214-4933 by October 7 to request accommodations for this event.

“Why There’s New Hope About Ending Blindness” – National Geographics

September’s edition of National Geographic magazine just arrived and the cover article is exciting.


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“Becoming Disabled | Roughly one in five Americans lives with a disability.” – The New York Times

disabledDadu Shin

by | The New York Times Opinion Column

“Not long ago, a good friend of mine said something revealing to me: ‘I don’t think of you as disabled,’ she confessed.

“I knew exactly what she meant; I didn’t think of myself as disabled until a few decades ago, either, even though my two arms have been pretty significantly asymmetrical and different from most everybody else’s my whole life.

“My friend’s comment was meant as a compliment, but followed a familiar logic — one that African-Americans have noted when their well-meaning white friends have tried to erase the complications of racial identity by saying, ‘I don’t think of you as black,’ or when a man compliments a woman by saying that he thinks of her as ‘just one of the guys.’

“This impulse to rescue people with disabilities from a discredited identity, … “

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“Many U.S. Black and Hispanic Children Lack Mental Health Care” – NewAmericaMedia

mh black

“Black and Hispanic children and young adults with mental health issues are about half as likely as their white counterparts to get mental health care, according to a study out last week.

“That could play a part in why children from those communities end up getting expelled from school or are incarcerated at higher rates than their white or Asian peers, say authors of the study.

“The national study, titled, ‘Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health Care for Children and Young Adults,’ appeared in the International Journal of Health Services. It examined data on children under 18, and young adults 18 to 34 from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey from 2006 to 2012.

“The research was led by Dr. Lyndonna Marrast, who is currently an assistant professor of medicine at the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine in New York.

“‘The study finds that minorities receive a lot less psychiatric care – which includes visits to psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists – despite consistent rates of mental illness across all racial and ethnic groups.’

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“How work can lead to suicide in a globalized economy” – The Conversation

work-suicideThe pressure is often too much. shutterstock.com

“A Paris prosecutor recently called for the former CEO and six senior managers of telecoms provider, France Télécom, to face criminal charges for workplace harassment. The recommendation followed a lengthy inquiry into the suicides of a number of employees at the company between 2005 and 2009. The prosecutor accused management of deliberately ‘destabilising’ employees and creating a ‘stressful professional climate’ through a company-wide strategy of ‘harcèlement moral’ – psychological bullying.

All deny any wrongdoing and it is now up to a judge to decide whether to follow the prosecutor’s advice or dismiss the case. If it goes ahead, it would be a landmark criminal trial, with implications far beyond just one company.

“Workplace suicides are sharply on the rise internationally, with increasing numbers of employees choosing to take their own lives in the face of extreme pressures at work.”

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“Health Check: does green mucus mean you’re infectious and need antibiotics?” – The Conversation

green mucousAntibiotics provide no benefit for the common cold and other respiratory illnesses caused by viruses. Estrada Anton/Shutterstock

“When you have a cold or other respiratory illness, you might see a range of different colours of mucus or snot when you blow your nose. We’re often told – even by doctors – that green or yellow secretions indicate you’re infectious. But this isn’t true.

“It’s unclear how this myth arose, but it’s likely a misunderstanding of the appearance and colour of pus.

“Pus usually signals the arrival of harmful bacteria to a site, such as golden staph into a hair follicle resulting in a boil. But in the case of respiratory infections, the green or yellow colour is due to the white blood cells.

“During a viral infection, the lining of the respiratory cells is damaged, … ”

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“What is Emotional Intelligence and Why Does it Matter? ” – Entrepreneur.com


contributor Gerard Adams | Entrepreneur.com

“Most people are conditioned to believe that knowledge is power, when, in fact, knowledge is only potential power. In my life, I’ve been blessed enough to have many meaningful conversations, yet the one I had this past week on emotional intelligence with a young woman, Ashley Zahabian, who I met at the entrepreneurial incubator that I recently launched, Fownders, really resonated with me.

“We were going through her pitch deck and stumbled across the topic of ‘EQ’ emotional intelligence. As the conversation grew more in depth, she told me a powerful story of a young boy and his grandfather that truly altered my perception.”

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Daniel Goleman’s five components of emotional intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Internal Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills


“Elderly Hospital Patients Arrive Sick, Often Leave Disabled” – California Healthline


Ron Schwarz, 79, was hospitalized after falling in the shower. Schwarz is a patient in a special ward at the San Francisco General Hospital known as the Acute Care for the Elderly unit, or ACE. (Heidi de Marco/KHN)

“Janet Prochazka was active and outspoken, living by herself and working as a special education tutor. Then, in March, a bad fall landed her in the hospital.

“Doctors cared for her wounds and treated her pneumonia. But Prochazka, 75, didn’t sleep or eat well at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. She became confused and agitated and ultimately contracted a serious stomach infection. After more than three weeks in the hospital and three more in a rehabilitation facility, she emerged far weaker than before, shaky and unable to think clearly.

“She had to stop working and wasn’t able to drive for months. And now, she’s considering a move to Maine to be closer to relatives for support.

“‘It’s a big, big change,’ said her stepdaughter, Kitty Gilbert, soon after Prochazka returned home. ‘I am hopeful that she will regain a lot of what she lost, but I am not sure.’”

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“When your child struggles with mental illness, you have to wait weeks for mental health services in Pennsylvania. Here’s why.” – Public Source

Families in which children and teens are suffering from mental illness are enduring waits of four to eight weeks to get appointments with psychiatrists. To mitigate delays, health officials are working to help pediatricians treat mental health issues.

chlid struggling with mental illnessJulie Trbovich holds an old photo of her and her now 21-year-old son who has schizophrenia and lives on the streets. Despite multiple diagnoses of mental health and behavioral problems, Trbovich repeatedly contended with delays in getting him to a psychiatrist — delays created by a widespread shortage of child and adolescent psychiatrists.

by Mary Niederberger | PublicSource

“Living with a child who suffers from mental illness can be like living in a minefield.

“Each day brings with it the possibility of an explosion.

“Refusing to go to school. Uncontrollable crying and screaming. Violence toward family members. A threat or attempt of suicide.

“Life becomes unpredictable in the scariest ways.

“‘You can have 7-year-olds who are climbing out of their bedroom windows onto the roof,’ said Julie Trbovich.

“As the mother of a 21-year-old who has schizophrenia, Trbovich would know.”

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