“Vaccine Signups Cater to the Tech-Savvy, Leaving Out Many” – Stateline

tech savvy vaccinations“Mary Christian, 71, spent hours on both her cellphone and iPad trying to arrange an appointment online for a COVID-19 vaccination through the Mississippi State Department of Health website and on its listed registration phone line. Older adults across the country who can’t easily navigate online technology are finding it difficult to sign up for appointments.” Rogelio V. SolisThe Associated Press

by Jenni Bergal

“Like millions of older adults across the country, Allan Potter and his wife, Vicki, are eager to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The Potters, who live in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, are prime candidates. They’re both 73. He suffers from a neuromuscular disorder. She has multiple myeloma. They hoped to sign up for the shots and get them quickly.

“But they don’t have a computer or a smartphone. And, as in many states and counties, that’s a problem because most of the registration and appointment-setting is being done online.

“’Not all of us have a computer or are on the internet,’ Allan Potter said. ‘We’re old-school. We’ve got a landline and that’s it. It’s very frustrating.’

“While many older adults have access to the internet and are tech-savvy, others are not. And even some of those who are used to going online are having a hard time navigating complicated registration websites. Others who are being left out include low-income residents who may not have the technology and people in rural areas with poor internet connections.

“Many older people are turning to adult children, other family members or friends to help them. Others are just left out.”

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