Oversight committee

The Berks-Lancaster-Lebanon LINK oversight committee is comprised of agencies and organizations who have been identified by the Commonwealth; that is, these partners formerly were known as core partners. Core partners included Area Agencies on Aging (AAA), Centers for Independent Living, Office of Long-Term Living Nursing Home Transition agencies and previous enrolling agencies, as well as the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (APPRISE) provider within the county when not included in the AAA.

Collaborative partners

Collaborative partners are “Community Agencies that are included in the LINK Collaborative Committee because they provide services and supports that impact individuals over the age of 60 and adults with disabilities.” Collaborative partners include agencies and organizations that work with housing issues, transportation, employment, county government, and agencies.

The organizations represent a caring, knowledgeable network of collaborating partners which will provide supportive services to inquiring families and consumers in Pennsylvania’s counties. Information and assistance services will be provided for both private pay and publicly funded individuals.

There is no charge for information or for assistance provided; though some service provider agencies may assign charges.

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