Suicide Prevention

Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT)

What is ABFT? Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT) is the only manualized, empirically supported family therapy model specifically designed to target family and individual processes associated with adolescent suicide and depression. ABFT emerges from interpersonal theories that suggest adolescent depression and suicide can be precipitated, exacerbated or buffered against by the quality of interpersonal relationships in families. To learn more about ABFT, click here.

What is included in the training? There are three levels to ABFT training with the final level culminating in certification; however, the training program offered through ASPIRE will only cover Level I and Level II. Level I consists of a 1 day and 3-day Introductory workshop. Level II consists of 22 weeks of supervision and a 3-day advanced workshop. Level III consists of tape review leading to certification. To learn more about the ABFT Training Program and what is involved in the process, click here.

When is the training? The Level I portion of the training will be split into 6 virtual half-day sessions and allow you to choose either the morning track (9am-12:45pm ET) or the afternoon track (1pm-4:45pm ET). The dates for Level I trainings are April 21 & 22, April 28 & 29, and May 5 & 6. The 3-day advanced workshop in Level II will be scheduled at a later date, likely in early Spring 2023.

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