Grandparents raising grandchildren: unanticipated new roles for many.

“… grandparents who are thrust back into the role of parents, their duties include instilling discipline, enforcing the rules, and, of course, paying the bills to feed, clothe, and shelter the children, who now depend on them for stability and security. It’s a lot to ask, especially as many grandparents have already retired and live on a limited budget.” 

This is a tall order, yet it’s happening across the nation. This Boston Globe article, A grandmother takes on an all too familiar role as the primary caregiver for her granddaughter,” is just one story that shows just how tough it is.


The number of grandfamilies in America has been growing and Generations United expects that to continue. Some of this is due to the population increase of older adults, but a lot has to do with poverty, substance abuse (especially during the current opioid epidemic), the death of a grandchild’s parent and extended military deployment.
Read more at this next avenue article.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Aging has this to say:

Significant life changes occur when a grandparent or relative assumes care of a child.  It can be challenging emotionally, legally, and financially.  Children may also experience emotional or behavioral issues and require additional support.  Connecting with related caregivers of children in similar situations often offers support.  

“Contact your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) to find out if any support groups for grandparents or relatives raising children are available in your area. Some additional resources are provided below.”

“Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: No matter how much you love your grandkids, raising them comes with many challenges as well as rewards. These guidelines can help you succeed at parenting the second time around.”

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