Celebrate nurses on National Nurses Day!

national nurses day

Fast Forward, the daily newsletter from The Boston Globe, celebrated nurses with the above photo gallery. IN the potos above (top left, clockwise, A nurse practitioner talked to a patient and held her hand while a doctor administered an IV at Roseland Community Hospital in Chicago. (Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times via AP); A nurse held a newborn baby, both wearing a face shield, at the National Maternity Hospital in Hanoi. (Photo by Nhac Nguyen / AFP via Getty Images); A nurse wearing protective mask and gear comforted an exhausted colleague as they changed shifts at the Cremona hospital, southeast of Milan, Italy. (Photo by Paolo Miranda / AFP via Getty Images); Infection Control nurse Colin Clarke looked out from a COVID-19 recovery ward at Craigavon Area Hospital in Armagh, Northern Ireland. (Niall Carson / PA via AP) and Tufts Medical Center COVID ICU nurse Bianca Dintino wore a PAPR or powered air purifying respirator as she cared for a patient with coronavirus. (Jessica Rinaldi / Globe Staff).

The Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resources joins this photo tribute to say “Thank You” to all the nurses and healthcare staff in hospitals and all the caregiving staffs in nursing homes, personal care homes and everywhere.

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