Combat Veterans Needed – River Bass Bash Event
50+ Combat Veterans living with traumatic
injuries are invited to attend the annual
Healing Rivers Bass Bash event.
This is a fully guided fishing event taken
place on the Susquehanna River. You will
be paired up with a boater/guide and taken
to the river, unload the boat and spend the
day fishing for smallmouth bass.
The Pa fish commission has provided a
waiver for this event stating a license is not
needed for the veterans.
Fishing rod, safety vest, fishing lures, etc.
will be provided for you.
You are welcome to bring one person of
your choosing – spouse, child, friend.
A, bag lunch will be provided.
All you need to bring is your personal items,
clothing, medications, sun glasses, etc.
After a day of fishing, you will return to the
A, picnic style hot meal will be provided,
there will be entertainment, door prizes
and much more.
Date: May 21, 2022
Location: 1500 Roberts Valley Road
Harrisburg, Pa. 17110
Arrival time: 5 – 6am
If you want to attend this event, please
contact Dave Holmes @ 717-557-6300.
There are 50 – 60 openings available.
example – if, 25 veterans sign up and each
bringing (1) guest that would total 50, filling
the available boats.
Dave Holmes
Founder and President of Healing Rivers

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