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Making A Difference of Lebanon County

“Humor and healing: Amid medical uncertainty, lighter moments are more than welcome”

by Dan Wascoe | MinnPostlighter hospital

Sometimes, even in a hospital, humor is where you find it — if you’re looking. -CC/Flickr/Ralf
““Oops” is not what a patient expects from a hospital nurse fixing to administer a pain-relieving treatment.”In my case she simply had squeezed an extra gob of ointment from a slippery tube. No harm, no foul. Just a tension-relieving chuckle.

“Three decades ago this year, writer and editor Norman Cousins wrote of his belief that his own self-prescriptive medicine plus a positive attitude and belly laughs courtesy of  Marx Brothers films helped him beat doctors’ predictions of an early demise from a rare arthritis-related ailment called ankylosing spondylitis.

“During most of my 69 years, I had little reason or opportunity to even think about his thesis. That changed this summer. I spent a couple weeks in two hospitals with a relatively rare condition … ”

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