“I Hear the Ticking of the Death Clock” – Purple Clover column

“Not only does it gauge your expected life span, but the Death Clock promises to tell you the exact day on which you’ll die. Fun!”

death clock

Roz Warren’s column about “The Death Clock” is a little journey to one of the millions of Internet sites that’s a diversion and curiousity, perhaps for all of us. By entering a little data, The Death Clock purports to prognosticate the exact date of the end of life for each of us. But it also reminds us that shifting to healthier habits enhances our chances for a longer life – and who doesn’t want that?

“It’s a fun game, if a little ghoulish, to explore the outcomes of alternate versions of yourself. If you lose 20 pounds? You’ll add 10 years. Quit smoking and you’ll add even more.”

SOURCE: Purple Clover

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