UPDATE: Community HealthChoices Fact Sheet | CHC Provider Relationships

chc rollout

Community HealthChoices (CHC) is Pennsylvania’s mandatory managed care program for individuals who are dually-eligible for Medicare and Medicaid and individuals 21 years of age or older with physical disabilities. Managed care is new for long-term services and supports, but Pennsylvania has provided physical and behavioral health care through a managed care model for many years.

This transition will create questions. Please reference the attached fact sheet for information about how care providers will work with CHC’s managed care organizations to deliver quality care to CHC Participants.

CHC is live in the Southwest and Southeast, and we are preparing for implementation in the remainder of the state on January 1, 2020. Make sure you and your coworkers have the information you need about CHC. Take our 30-minute online training here.

If you have other questions about CHC, view our comprehensive question and answer document online here.

A listserv has been established for ongoing updates on the CHC program. It is titled OLTL-COMMUNITY-HEALTHCHOICES, please visit the ListServ Archives page


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