“Confronting an Ugly Killer” – New York Times “op-ed” column and the comments

Almost two weeks ago, this column, “Confronting an Ugly Killer – Alzheimer’s, Awareness and ‘Still Alice’” appeared in The New York Times.

Yesterday’s New York Times published several letters about that column; here is just one of them:

To the Editor:

Fifty-three years ago, in love, I soulfully asked my boyfriend, “Are you behind those eyes?”

Four years ago, this brilliant man, now my husband, developed dementia. I look into his (same) beautiful eyes, and there is no one home.

I learned to tell myself that though it’s sad, it’s O.K.! He’s still here, one way or another.

Piermont, N.Y., Dec. 17, 2014

Read more letters in response to that column here.

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