“Medical Non-Adherence Isn’t Just Forgetting Your Meds” – Tech50+

by Gary Kaye, Chief Content Officer


“By some estimates, the cost of patients not taking their medications as prescribed – known as medical non-adherence or non-compliance – is as high as $290 billion each year and may result in as many as 125,000 unnecessary deaths.

“It’s a vexing problem for health care providers, pharmacies, insurers, and almost every other player in the health care system with only 50% of us take our medication as prescribed.

“I recently spoke with Tomer Gofer, CEO of Vaica, a company developing digital health products to help us remember how and when to take our medications as we should.

“Gofer says ‘there are many reasons why patients don’t take their medications as prescribed: forgetfulness; side effects; the cost; the complexity of regimen; they don’t understand why they need to take it; or they are getting better and think they don’t need it anymore. And the constant: no one knows exactly what the patient is doing because no one is around to see or help in the event of an emergency.’”

Keep reading this important article, click here.

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