IMPORTANT NOTICE: Works For Me Website no longer affiliated with PA Department of Human Services

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Sent on behalf of Lynn A. Kovich:

Dear Department of Human Services Stakeholders,

The Department of Human Services is sending this announcement to inform audiences that the former “Works for Me” website, which was developed as part of a broader “Works for Me” campaign several years ago, is no longer affiliated with the PA Department of Human Services, Department of Labor & Industry, Department of Education or any other commonwealth agencies.

A third party has purchased this domain and created a website that uses terminology and information resembling the previous “Works for Me” website. The site asks for personal data in exchange for information related to employment resources. However, there is no indication of who is collecting this information and how this information is being used.

Individuals should not provide their personal information on the “Contact Us” page, as it does not appear to meet the criteria for a trusted website. Additionally, we ask that you do not refer people you work with to this page. Again, this website no longer represents the former “Works for Me” campaign, nor the state of Pennsylvania.

In addition, we ask that if you have any “Works for Me” posters or other materials displayed, that these be removed. We do not want to put anyone’s information at risk.

We are currently working to revise and republish content that formerly existed on the old “Works for Me” website. We will keep you all appraised as the new page nears completion and is launched as a resource for you and individuals you work with.

Thank you,

Lynn A. Kovich, M.Ed.

Deputy Secretary

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