“Who are you calling senior? For older folks, some terms are fast becoming radioactive” – The Boston Globe

what do we call older

by Robert Weisman

“Jill Tapper knew she’d made a mistake at the annual meeting of condo owners in Salisbury when she referred to their 55-plus complex as an ‘aging community.’ She may as well have invoked rocking chairs and shuffleboard.

“‘Some of the other members were furious,’ recalled Tapper, a longtime social worker. She quickly backed off and tried again. ‘Now I just call it the Windgate community.’

“Tapper had stumbled onto the third rail of life-stage nomenclature. Words once commonly used to describe older folks and their lives — ‘elderly,’ ‘geriatric,’ ‘in their golden years’ — are now scorned by some as patronizing.”

BG aging article

Continue reading this Boston Globe article, click here.

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