“Infographic: The Neurobiology of Suicidal Behavior” – The Scientist

Clues about the biological mechanisms that contribute to a person’s chance of contemplating or attempting suicide

suicide_infographic_neurobiological pathwaysNOTE: The findings shown in this graphic come from studies with very different approaches to investigating suicide. Some studies control for psychiatric disorders, others don’t; different studies focus on different brain areas; and many of the findings are preliminary.” © LISA CLARK

by Catherine Offord

“Scientists have identified several key neurobiological pathways with ties to suicidal behaviors. Research in the field addresses only a fraction of the complexity of this serious public health problem, and the literature on the topic is complicated by variation in study design, but the clues point to several interacting moderators of suicide risk. Three of the systems best-studied in relation to suicide are:”

Click here to read this article at The Scientist in its entirety.

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