“Pandemic affects people with disabilities differently” – WFMZ69-TV

disabilities in pandemic

by Holly Harrar

“The pandemic, and all it’s restrictions, is a complete shake-up from the daily routine for many people in our communities.

“‘People with intellectual disabilities or autism experience the world somewhat differently,’ said Dr. Rachel Levine, the State Secretary of Health.

“This can be a challenge to those with different abilities.

“‘Major disruptions to daily schedules has been even more difficult for Pennsylvanians with intellectual disabilities and autism,’ said Dr. Levine

“The same goes for those who care for them, whether it’s the families, teachers, aides, day services and employers. They, too, are impacted by the pandemic in this way.”

Click here to read the article (and watch the video) in its entirety at WFMZ69-TV

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