“Portraits From A Pandemic: ‘Feeling Hollow’ In A Retirement Home” – NPR

“‘Well, I have to go in a few more minutes,’ she explained. She and her husband had recently updated their will, fixing married names of their children. ‘You need to be sure that the documents that the kids would need to have are in order. And so we’re going downstairs to find the notary.’”

portraits from a pandemic“Margaret Sullivan posing in one of her homemade masks, cut from an old sock. ‘Several people have seen pictures of them and they’ve very kindly asked if they could send us real masks,’ she said.” – Tyrone Turner/WAMU

by Jacob Fenston and Tyrone Turner

“In our first conversation by phone, Margaret Sullivan told me maybe she wasn’t a good fit for my reporting project, on people whose lives have been upended by the coronavirus pandemic. After all, she had a comfortable life and was being well taken care of in a retirement home in Falls Church. ‘Living in a bubble,’ she said.

“But a few minutes later, she told me this: ‘My brother died about two weeks ago of the virus.’

“He was her younger brother, and lived a few states away.

“‘I’m the old oldest and he’s the youngest. And that’s outside the order of things.”‘

“My experience during the pandemic has been long days juggling kids and work. Worrying about money. Trying to schedule grocery deliveries.

“But for Margaret, the virus brings with it thoughts of mortality.”

Click here to read this article at NPR in its entirety.


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