Announcing a new RSVP Caring Calls Program

caring calls

RSVP CCP – Client Intake form 04-23-20

What is the RSVP Caring Calls Program?

The program provides simple check-ins and friendly phone calls to seniors who are homebound, feeling lonely and/or isolated. This program targets individuals who are trying to remain independent. Volunteer callers are simply calling to offer companionship and give seniors a sense of connectedness to the outside world and relieve feelings of isolation.

Who is eligible to be a CARING CALLS participant/client?

Individuals may self-refer or be referred by a caregiver, family member or service provider. The service is FREE of charge. The program is intended to serve seniors who are homebound, feeling lonely, isolated, living alone, or otherwise need regular contact.

Click here to download the client intake form that potential clients should complete to get connected with a regular, ongoing phone call.

For more information about this RSVP of the Capital Region initiative, call Margie Groy –  717-454-8647  or email:

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