“Live Updates: January 2021 Drug Price Increases” | See the list of prescriptions – GoodRx

So far this January:

drug prices increase

by Tori Marsh

“Amidst the worst of the pandemic, drug prices continue to rise. Each year, in January and July, manufacturers raise the list price of their medications, and we predict that this year will be no different.

“Every day this January, the GoodRx Research Team will be tracking price increases for 4,594 drugs daily (3,102 brand and 1,492 generic), and updating them below, starting on December 31, 2020 and continuing throughout the month.

“For reference, last January, 639 drugs increased in price by an average of 6%, and in January 2019, 486 drugs increased in price by an average of 5.2%.

These price increases are for a drug’s list price: the official price of a drug set by the manufacturer. While many argue that the list price has little effect on patients, as it’s not the price that most pay at the pharmacy, recent GoodRx research indicates otherwise. In fact, our research shows that 95% of all list price changes have downstream effects on prices that consumers pay at the pharmacy.”

Continue reading this article (and see the prices) at GoodRx.com, click here.

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