“7 tangible ways to make vaccine website more accessible” – Fast Company

“Vaccine registration websites weren’t designed for the people who need them most. Here are easy fixes that don’t require starting over.”

tangible-ways-to-make-vaccine-websites-more-accessibleSOURCE: AZFree/iStock. Pavlo Stavnichuk/iStock

by Catharine McNally

“Across the U.S., online registrations for the COVID-19 vaccine are failing to consider some of the most vulnerable groups of people: seniors, those with disabilities, and certain racial and socioeconomic groups.

“The online registration processes were launched quickly (rightly so) in response to the rushed vaccine rollout. Usually, rapidly spun-up sites cater to the general public—the mythical ‘average users’—not these specific groups.

“But these groups are the main users of government vaccination registration websites, at least initially. Seniors face confusing, inconsistent, and frustrating registration processes that leave them scrambling to find help from family members, as an NPR story detailed earlier this month. New York, for instance, has a 51-question registration process that leaves many seniors overwhelmed.

“It’s not just seniors who are being left out.” Click here to read this article at Fast Company in its entirety.

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