Study | “Medicare Advantage beneficiaries save more money on out-of-pocket costs than Medicare fee-for-service” – Fierce Healthcare

medicare advantage

“Medicare Advantage offers care for more low-income individuals compared with traditional Medicare, a new analysis from Better Medicare Alliance said.” (Getty/zimmytws) “Better Medicare Alliance is the nation’s leading research and advocacy organization supporting Medicare Advantage. Together, we are over 150 Ally organizations from across the health care spectrum and more than 500,000 grassroots beneficiary advocates united in our mission to build a healthier future through a strong Medicare Advantage.” – Better Medicare Alliance

by Robert King

“Medicare Advantage plan holders spend $1,640 less a year compared with traditional fee-for-service, a new analysis finds.

“The analysis released Tuesday from the advocacy group Better Medicare Alliance also found that lower-income Medicare beneficiaries are more likely to choose MA over the traditional program.

“Beneficiaries in MA reported out-of-pocket and premium spending of $3,354 a year in 2018, compared with $4,994 in fee-for-service, the analysis added. That was a $42 increase since 2017.

“’This results in a 40% lower cost burden for consumers than traditional Medicare’” said Allyson Schwartz, president and CEO of Better Medicare Alliance, in a statement. ‘The consumer savings in Medicare Advantage translates to meaningful financial security and peace of mind for millions of beneficiaries.’

“The analysis also found that more than 40% of beneficiaries who make under 200% of the federal poverty level were enrolled in MA, compared with 27% of beneficiaries that make more than 400% of the poverty level.”

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  1. My financial advisor recommends against using a Medicare Advantage plan. He says they are cheaper if you are healthy but they make it harder to get adequate health care if your health deteriorates as you get older.


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