Lindy and Phil’s story | “Monarch flutterbys: Undertaken in wonder and continued in delight”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Happened to bump into two people we’ve not seen in a couple years. Phil and Lindy Malin were glowing as we spoke; they filled us in on what’s happened in their lives. Most recently, that news is about a new book they’ve just had published.

butterfly bookTogether, Philip and Lindy Malin founded Malins Monarchy, where they raise and release up to 2,000 monarch butterflies each year. Barry Zecher

Phil and Linda are featured in this 50plus Senior News cover story. “Philip and Lindy Malin have done exactly that. “When they were married 33 years ago, the Malins knew they were exact opposites and had nothing in common. “At that time, Philip was a proofreader for scientific publications and Lindy was director of therapies in a nursing home. If they asked each other how their day was, they knew neither would understand what the other was saying. “So they decided to find something they could do together each year of their marriage. They would go to the library and find books about a particular subject, learn about it, and try it out. They called it their “Anniversary Project.” “It’s a good way for couples to stay together,’ Lindy, 60, said.” Click here to read the 50plus Senior News cover story in its entirety. Their story is more intriguing and special because Lindy (Linda) says, “I became disabled in a moment.” Her testimony to success credits Gina Baum and other staffers at the Disability Empowerment Center. website You can read more about the couple’s other “joie de vivre” pursuits at their Website:

TODAY, SATURDAY, JULY 25 at 2:00 pm – Lindy’s on the program at the Nature and Arts Festival in Millersburg. She and Phil invite you to join them “for this annual FREE celebration of nature and the arts along the beautiful Susquehanna River in Millersburg! Featuring over 70 programs and performances, the Nature and Arts Festival is the perfect way to celebrate summer!”

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