“Are older adults more prone to chronic pain?” – Futurity.org

woman in pain

“‘If older adults are more likely to have these pain messages sent through the spinal cord to the brain, and the nervous system is being adapted to go through these changes, they may become more pain prone,’ says Joseph Riley.” (SOURCE: Futurity.org)

“When older adults experience pain, inflammation occurs more quickly and at a higher magnitude than when younger adults feel pain. Further, the pain stays around longer, according to a new small study.

“The findings suggest that older adults could be at risk for developing chronic pain and may benefit from taking anti-inflammatories soon after an injury or procedure, researchers say.

“Older adults often have a certain level of chronic inflammation in their bodies. But the study, published in the journal Experimental Gerontology, found that when researchers induced pain in older adults, proteins associated with inflammation increased more than they did in younger participants and stayed in the bodies of older adults longer. It also found anti-inflammatory cytokines, proteins that soothe inflammation, peaked later for older adults than younger adults.”

Continue reading this article at Futurity.org.

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