“100 and counting: Lancaster County centenarians continue to live meaningful lives” – LNP – Always Lancaster

100 and counting

Centenarians are more visible than ever before. This article has several portraits of the active 100 + year-olds living in the county. “They are not only living longer but are living better, thanks to relative prosperity, better nutrition and medical advancements.”

“Violet Ickes, 108 – ‘I never thought of getting old. I was just busy living.’”

“Jim Sheffer, 100 – ‘I’ve loved my life. It’s my strong desire to live and live’” 

“Aldine Stewart, 106 – ‘The good Lord has sustained me … I know he has the plan’”

“Roberta Frank, 103 – ‘You live one day at a time. That’s my motto.’”

“Marguerite Walters, 100 – ‘I don’t know why I’m here, but I’m having a good time’” 

“Anna Weaver, 102 – ‘I’d like to see what he thinks now that I’m 102.’

Do you remember reading this LNP – Always Lancaster article from earlier this year?

“100-year-old Lancaster sales representative enjoys work, has no plans for retirement: ‘Why should I give it up?'” 


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