PA Citizen Review Panels Need Volunteers!


The Department of Human Services is partnering with the University of Pittsburgh Child Welfare Resource Center to recruit for the Pennsylvania Citizen Review Panels (CRP).

The CRPs are groups of volunteer citizens who are tasked with examining policies, procedures, and practices of state and local agencies and making recommendations to the Department of Human Services regarding changes or implementations that will improve the child welfare system in PA.

CRPs partner with state and local?children and youth agencies and rely on maintaining respectful and positive relationships with these agencies to complete their work.
To watch a video about Pennsylvania’s CRPs and to learn more, including their mission, vision, function, and members visit the website at

We are currently working to recruit additional members to all three panels in the Northeast, South Central, and Southwest regions.



The recruitment period will remain open until June 15th.

An online application can be accessed through the “Join” page on the CRP website.
Referral information can be sent to the CAPTA Program Development Specialist, Kari Coccagna, or at (717) 795-9048.


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