Serving Diverse Elders: Strategies for Meaningful Inclusion in Service Planning and Delivery

serving diverse elders

Download the file, click on the graphic.

This guide provides tools, resources, and best practices that the Aging Network can use as a reference to plan services and programs that are more inclusive to these diverse elders. The guide outlines background information on diverse elders; discusses how to asses the needs of this population and include them in the planning process; and highlights inclusive goals, objectives, and measures of success.

The National Consortium on Aging Resources for Seniors’ Equity has produced a guide to providing services for diverse populations of older adults. The group is funded by the Administration for Community Living (ACL) and includes the National Caucus & Center on Black Aging, Inc., National Indian Council on Aging, National Asian Pacific Center on Aging,  Asociación Nacional Pro Personas Mayores and National Resource Center on LGBT Aging.


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