“Average life expectancy in U.S. increased in 2019 for the fifth straight year” – STATNews

active aging

U.S. life expectancy rose last year for the fifth year in a row — to an average of 78.8 years — according to new CDC data. Here’s more: 

  • The figures: The 2019 increase in mortality was only 0.1 year higher than the year prior, when the life expectancy was 78.7 years. Although men and women saw increases, women’s life expectancy was five years higher, at more than 81 years. 
  • Causes of death: The 10 leading causes of death last year were the same as in 2018, including heart disease and cancer. The rate of death decreased for seven of the 10 causes, including for Alzheimer’s disease and influenza. 
  • Infant mortality: Although infant mortality rates decreased last year — to 558.3 deaths per 100,00 live births — the difference was not statistically significant. 


Mortality in the United States, 2019 – This report presents final 2019 U.S. mortality data on deaths and death rates by demographic and medical characteristics. These data provide information on mortality patterns among U.S. residents by variables such as sex, age, race and Hispanic origin, and cause of death.

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