“How a Death Doula Can Help Patients and Families” – nextavenue.org

“As with childbirth, doulas can help in end-of-life transitions”

by Linda Childers

“Meredith Lawida still remembers the myriad of emotions she and her family experienced four years ago when her father-in-law’s health declined. Consumed by fear, exhaustion and uncertainty, they were unsure how to best support him during his last days, while also navigating their own grieving process.

“‘He had been in and out of hospitals and then one day he was gone,’ Lawida says. ‘And while he received wonderful care, I felt there was a gap between the medical treatment he received and the emotional support our family so desperately needed.’

“As Lawida began to process the loss of her father-in-law, she realized that death, like birth, is a life transition. Yet when she welcomed her son into the world, she and her husband had received support from a birth doula that had not only guided Lawida through a difficult natural childbirth, but also stood by her side physically and emotionally.”

Click here to read this article at nextavenue.org in its entirety.

Interestingly, this email arrived today:

WEBINAR TOMORROW: Is Talking about Death Good for Life?

The Triple Aim and the Movement Toward Quality Measurement of Family CaregivingJoin us tomorrow for this web seminar. Presenters will share findings from a randomized controlled trial testing the efficacy of death awareness discussions (e.g., Death Cafes) on health behaviors and end-of-life planning among adults ages 50 and older. During this event, you will learn the value of hosting group discussions about death and dying for older adults in terms of impact on promoting social, emotional and physical health; increasing positive health behaviors; and, increasing the incidence of end-of-life planning. Listeners will also learn what aspects of death and dying are most important to older adults, what discussion questions generated the most data, and what the modal emotional reaction was to participating in the discussion group based on researcher observation. This event is free for ASA members and includes complimentary CEUS. Join ASA or register for this event for $99 to attend.

Meet a death doula; come to the Death Cafe on Saturday, May 21 – at the Lebanon Community Library or the Death Cafe in Lancaster County on June 4.

death cafe lebanon

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