“Victor Miller has holes in his shoes.”


“He doesn’t have a car, so he walks everywhere. Each morning, he wakes up early and walks to the local senior center. Many days, he has to wait for the doors to open at 7:30 a.m.

Victor Miller receives a Volunteer Spotlight Award from Secretary of Aging Teresa Osborne during National Volunteer Month. Photo source: The Tribune-Democrat

“Victor makes coffee for the senior center’s visitors, and then he turns to the work of preparing meals. Seniors come to the center for a free lunch, a hot and healthy meal that too many say is their only one of the day. Victor works in the kitchen, always paying special attention to safe preparation practices. His work is imbued with care and thoughtfulness. He spends most of his day at the center.

“This isn’t the only place he volunteers. Victor gives his time to the Knights of Columbus, the fire department, the women’s club, the food pantry, SeniorLIFE – the list goes on. At age 77, Victor Miller has spent 40 years volunteering in his hometown of Portage. He says he just likes helping people.

“In recognition of Older Americans Month, the Department of Aging is proud to call Victor Miller a trailblazer. Every day, older Pennsylvanians give their time and energy to serving and strengthening our communities. With a wealth of experience and compassion, they show that older Pennsylvanians never stop giving back.

“Visitors to the senior center recently came together to thank Victor for all of his work by giving him a new pair of shoes. There is no doubt that he will put them to good use.”

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