“Faces of the law: The Americans with Disabilities Act read by those it protects” – ADA Pittsburgh.

by Jennifer Szweda Jordan

crosswalk“Crosswalks in the middle of long streets aren’t always accessible to people in wheelchairs. This man sits at the edge of a Pittsburgh sidewalk on Sixth Avenue between Wood and Smithfield streets. The ADA promotes independent movement, but it has not been fully achieved. (Photo by Alex Collinger)”

Equality. Independence. Self-sufficiency.

“These are key goals for people covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The ADA affirmed that this is what our country should aim to achieve for people who are blind, deaf, unable to speak, using wheelchairs, living with autism, bipolar disorder or myriad other disabilities.

“Then-President George H. W. Bush, with bipartisan support in the Congress, signed this act and affirmed the civil rights of people with disabilities.”

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