Download Black Disabled History Month Lessons here.

black disabled History month

Disability Equality in Education (DEE) Black History Month Lesson

This month DEE is celebrating Black Disabled history in America by providing schools and educators with a collection of projects and lessons for Black History Month. Our Black Disabled History collection includes 2 lessons about important historical figures in America that are a part of Black Disabled history. The collection also includes 2 projects that can be assigned to students to have them research an important black and disabled historical figure or artist. The goal of these lessons is to bring disabled representation into your Black History Curriculum. These lessons and projects are best suited for students in grade 8 or above and can be done in a classroom or adapted to be done virtually. All 4 of our lessons can be found by downloading the “DEE Black History Month Collection” by following this link: DEE Black History Month Collection Download Link.

Disability Equality in Education Website

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